Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dangdi ren

Today I talked with some locals at some wudaokou outdoor food court from ten to one. It was awesome.

I figured out that most Chinese peeps have some skewed view of all black people being bad people. THey think most blacks like to pian ren and don't really have good hearts. They also think black people get angry easily. I had to explain to them with my not-to-good chinese that their way of thinking was "hen cha" and very biased/racists. haha

I also figured out most common Chinese people don't really have a strong view on North Korea. They don't really know what's going down with the Chinese gov. and North Korea. o.O i thought all chinese would at least know about that issue.


  1. prob as a result of all the censorship in china?

  2. You ever notice it's the same in the US? I don't know about Koreans, but it always frustrates me to hear Chinese people stereotyping against blacks. Sometimes my parents included. We've had some discussions about it before; at least for Chinese in America, I think they base it on Afr. Am. social conditions and background rather than racial profile. Hmm...glad you enjoyed your talk with naxie dangdi ren! I am struggling with my shicha and xi-ing yifu. I still haven't finished showing all my pictures to my parents and sister. It's kind of fun to start from the beginning of HBA and go through all the memories again :)