Saturday, August 14, 2010


Just went to a concert in Mako Livehouse. Listened to this awesome band called 4U. Two straight nights of really loud music. For the ears, really bad. For the soul, really good. =D

I have twelve more days in China. Need to spend it wisely. Things I wanna do while here in Beijing: figure out sophmore year schedule, contact my advisers, work out, bboy and train hard, practice my Chinese, talk a lot with dangdi Chinese peeps, read a book of the Bible, buy gifts for family, make friends, enjoy myself, live hard, praise God, be my all.

Sorry for the blabbering.

Listening to Nujabes. Chillin'. I just learned how to say chillin in Chinese. It is "呆着." It literally means "Staying." Chinese is such a literal language. As far as I know, it cannot capture the English abstract term of "chillin." Chilling doesn't just mean staying. It means resting, hanging out, walking, watching tv, eating, talking with friends, lying around, etc.

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