Friday, July 2, 2010

The Pepsi Boxers and Squat Toilets

Wassup wassuppp. I did not have any pictures from this week. So i have posted previous pictures of my first week in China. Pepsi undies and Squatting toilets. These are two new things I have encountered while in China. I went to the supermarket bear BCLU the first day I was in China. There I saw a couple of interesting things. First, I saw a sign that said "there be no candy drink." I also saw a sign that said "there be no fire in the fore-forbidden area." These two awkwardly translated signs are examples of the dangers of translation. I always thought that Chinese people in the States just had terrible grammar. And they do. honestly. But I can finally understand why they have such horrible grammar, the grammar you hear comedians imitate on tv. The way Chinese sentences are structured can sometimes be very bizarre. When directly translating Chinese into English, these bizarre sentences turn into awkward, grammatically incorrect english sentences.

Another interesting thing I saw were the Pepsi boxers. o.O Who would have thought that Pepsi sells UNDERWEAR? I certainly thought that it was hilarious. I guess Pepsi is not just some soft drink company but a multi-product business? Anyways, I think I will have to buy me a pair of them pepsi boxers. They're too funny to pass by.

THe picture of me hovering/squatting over a toilet is not real. Just to get that out of the way. Unlike in the states, Chinese people like to squat when taking a dump. They think it's more sanitary also, which it actually is.

Couple of new things I learned about China: Apple products are popular here but REALLY expensive. The age people Chinese marry is getting older and older. Houhai is a really awesome place full of people, energy, fun places, and live bars. Beijing can ACTUALLY have blue skies. I know, it's crazy. Chinese people love to sing and dance in the morning in random places and parks.

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