Friday, July 30, 2010

798 and the silk street market: 秀水街

Whaddup guys. This is Andrew, writing from my room on a Friday night, past twelve. Tired and worn out from days worth of shajia-ing (bargaining). Last weekend, I went to 798 and looked at some pretty crazy stuff. They had all types of art, from the scary looking babies, to depressed looking girls, to pieces of cow skin on the wall and weird caged demonic, muscled, jacked, juiced -up body builders. As you can see above. My friend here, Jamie, aspires to be like one of them beings one day (I hope if you read this, Jamie, you don't come knocking on my door with your juiced up arms). But seriously, 798 is such an interesting place. I definitely recommend all those who love graffiti, art, small collectibles, etc to go.

Today, I went to Xiushuijie, the silk street market, the place that overflows with fake brands. Too many eager salesmen grabbed my arm and dragged me into their stores. They all say " are very awesome. since you are a student, i will give you a very good price. lai lai lai lai." The Chinese way of selling things is really outrageous. They first quadruple the original price. Then, they try to scam you with sky-high prices. When you say no, they tell you to leave. THen when you leave, they tell you to come back and reconsider. When you come back and reconsider, and again say it's too expensive, they tell you to just forget about it. Quite interesting!

I bought a pair of shoes to bboy in, a bathing monkey shirt, a white armani belt, and a panda hat for my lil sis. I was tempted to buy so many things. Cheap goods, mostly illegal goods, hang from the ceiling all the way down to the floor. It's unbelievable.

I only have about three weeks in China.

Crazy. Time flies.

Sorry, I'm too tired for more blabbering. I will update again soon.


  1. That first photo is hilarious. The second one so scholarly and serene. =)

  2. I guess I should say second and third photos. The real first one at the top is also hilarious.