Saturday, June 19, 2010


I cannot believe I have only been in Beijing for a week. I feel like I've been here for a month. But everything is going well. I was really frustrated the first few days of classes because of the intensity of the program. No English at anytime means no English even in Chinese class. That means the teachers are explaining the unknown Chinese grammar in Chinese I cannot fully understand. This means....that I cannot fully understand the grammar points. I really think the language pledge should not be enforced in class. Outside of class, it is an excellent idea, but in class, the teachers should be able to explain things in English. Thus, first few days of classes were very hard for me. I had a hard time keeping up with the speed of learning. And everyday, the memorization of characters kills me. I get five hours of sleep on usual nights T.T

Anyways, enough of venting. yesterday I finally visited the Great Wall of China! In Chinese, it is called ChangCheung. What I think about the wall is.....changcheung feichang chang. If you know Chinese, you can understand the little joke (although it ain't very funny). Anyways, the Great Wall was more like exercise than it was a comfortable journey. We climbed up thousands of stairs and I literally drenched two shirts. I looked like I had jumped into a swimming pool o.O The wall was very long, but I really enjoyed the experience. I want to try going there alone sometime because I feel like walking the immense length of the wall can be a great spiritual journey of reflection, prayer, and time spent with God. We will see about my return to the wall.


  1. wow, that must be frustrating in class. but i know you can do it!! :) also, nice pictures!

  2. Haha one of the things our class would say all the time after our Great Wall trip was "长城为什么那么长?" The title reminded me of that.

    Don't worry about the language pledge, you'll get used to it soon enough.