Sunday, May 23, 2010

Florida Sun

I am still just chillin' in Florida. Oh how great it is to sit out in the sun, read books, spend time with buds, bboy, work out, eat (whenever, wherever), and sleep. I've also been watching lots of Korean variety shows and dramas haha. Of course, I'm diggin into the Word and wrestling with the strongest Being alive.

Beijing, you will have to wait a couple more weeks for me. As I prepare my heart and mind for the upcoming journey into mysterious lands, I ask that you guys pray for me. Pray that God guides and leads me in my time in Beijing. Let it be meaningful, purposeful. Let God open my heart to the things He wants me to see there.

Hmm..I wonder what Beijing duck will taste like. I'm looking forward to it!

Sorry for jumping around so much. I'm just writing random thoughts down. Have a good one guys.

God bless and peace


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